Soundtrack of Your Life

Imagine life without music. The train station would be so boring. The go-out-from parking space moment would be so empty, and yes, bit scary if I go home at midnite. Sunset would be just yellow light in horizon, night jogging would be more into jail-escaping, sitting alone in coffee shop and watch people pass would more like sitting in coffee shop, coz I’m deadly thirst and I dunno why so many people passing by.

Having a soundtrack of your current moment is amazing. Two hour train ride from London to Portsmouth with music from Passenger and Kings of Convenience feels like romantic gateway, even you are alone. Traffic jam from my office to home in Jakarta feels like a splash of city light, what you have to do, put the John Mayer, Neon. Or even if you try to burn some fat at the gym, you can always put on some beats from Keri Hilson. It’s necessary to bring your iPod/iPhone to the gym, (yeah not iPad)… just to make sure that you run away from the never ending approach from Personal Trainer, the gossiping noise from chatty chatty sissies in the lobby or steroid scream from Bulgy-over-protein guys in weight-lifting area.
Having a soundtrack while you doing something, it’s like you are the star of the movie. It’s like everybody is watching you from cinema. Music gives you added value of your activity. Jerk off is included.

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