Life in Autopilot

Just this morning I realized that I’ve been driving my life in autopilot. On my way to the office, I should have taken the fastest way since there was no more 3 in one instead of taking my usual way with all the traffic and crazy buses. It’s funny coz I only realized it half way to office. I knew something wrong was happening to me. That was not the first time.

I used to be the guy with a lot of guts and had no fear in doing different things in my life. I didn’t mind traveling with strangers. I was not afraid of wandering alone in a city where I knew no one. I can say “I want to resign today” without making any sense at all. I even go fishing! Now, those things would not happen spontaneously. Even if I want to take the chance, there are so many considerations. Work that I can’t leave, partner to worry about, car, dog, wet ceiling, plant to shower, and so on, and so on.

Maybe, I’m trap in my own web so called comfort zone. The ironic thing is my thoughts about comfort zone really happen to myself. Am I losing my freedom? The word of freedom is not as simple as it used to be. Now life brings so many responsibilities much much more than it had. Sometimes, it’s okay to press autopilot button, but I hope the pilot will still be able to control his airplane before same things happen to adam air.

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  1. Zulkarmen says:

    you look like a free man, do you?


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