Not Just Another Campaign

I finally able to wrap up all activities that 3 Little Angels did for the whole February in one video. The amazing thing about this movement is we are able to collect more than 75mio rupiah in one month to distribute to kids with serious illness in Indonesia.

We started the campaign at the beginning of February, and now people still keep ordering the tshirt as their contribution to help others. We are not selling tshirt, this is why sometime people come to us and donate more than Rp 150.000.
Those people who amazed me are those who work behind these projects. They are volunteers with great heart. They don’t expect any money, since we don’t use donation money to our daily cost. They don’t expect fame or to be recognised by public. They just doing it to serve others, and it comes from their heart. For me they are truly angels.
I do believe that this AngelsHeart Campaign is just the beginning. I’m sure God will be still using us in future to reach others and help those who need.

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