Chiang Mai Highlights

Expect nothing and you’ll never be disappointed. That’s how I feel about my trip at this moment in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand.

Start with the Sunday Night Market in the old town area to the modern and chic area called Nimmanhaemin, Chiang Mai offers wide range of tourist attractions. I found an interesting library concept as a coffee shop in Soi 5, Nimmanhaemin Road called Librarista. You should visit this place around 4pm and you can see, this the place where locals enjoy Librarista’s book selections while relax on the tatami and wooden floor. Don’t forget to spend some of your time by strolling around this area, you’ll see bunch of interesting spots like bicycle cafe called Cafe Roubaix and Coffee Villa.


Now if you want to go up north of Chiang Mai, you should spend a night or two in Four Seasons Hotel. The view in here is incredibly indescribable with words. My favourite is terrace next to their po


Bored with hotel, get yourself a picture with baby tiger in Tiger Kingdom not far from Four Season resort. But the highlight is not that Tiger Kingdom, there’s one small farmland on your way to Tiger Kingdom called Snowbuff. You immediately think that you are in New Zealand. Imagine having a lunch in the front of sheep farm and lake like this. You can also interact with Toni, the leader of the sheeps. Kids gonna flipped out!


I found a peculiar concept of coffee shop in this city. A place called Catmosphere, a strange combination between cafe and a cat house (?!). Those who enjoy having a sip of coffee and rubbing a cat tummy at the same time would feel this place a second home.


Overall, Chiang Mai is not just a place for adventure seeker but also a heaven for lazy dude like me. December and January is the perfect time to be in Chiang Mai. The combination of cool weather and sunny day is the only reason why you should rent a motorbike during your trip in Chiang Mai.

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