Keto Update

After so many years, the best approach of going to best condition of human health is finally revealed.It’s simple and I think it’s almost difficult at the beginning. What is that? It’s keto diet.

In the last 10 years, I’ve been trying to lose weight with different kind of methods. Some of those methods gave enormous pain and illness as side effect, some even left another health problem such as; gastric, typhoid and even uric acid. Keto diet is a method of decreasing sugar and carbs as daily intakes to only 5% from your total calories consumption. An Indonesian could have almost 70% calories intake come from carbs and sugar. Decreasing to 5% meaning you are not allowed to consume rice, noodles, fruits and even some of vegetables. Sounds crazy. 
But our body is a genius machine. If we trapped in an island without any food, only water, we will be able to live until our body fat is totally gone. Yes, we will be so hungry and weak at the beginning, probably three – four days, because our body is giving a signal to warn that you have missing glucose intakes and you need to replace it soon (by eating carbs or sugar). Fear not! Turns out that our liver can convert our body fat into energy. But it could only happen if your glucose is totally gone and your body have no choice but to use your fat as energy. Some call it keto condition. In this condition, your body will automatically use your body fat and slowly you will lose weight if your calories intake smaller than your calories that you spend for one day. 
But modern world established by sugar economy. From food & beverages industry to restaurants, people develop food technology based on sugar. Try to visit mini market around you when you practice keto diet and try to find any food and drinks without sugar. You could probably only able to grab water. We’ve been fooled by the industry that fat is our enemy, but turns out sugar is. 

In the past I always felt drowsy and almost passed out every time I had my lunch. I consumed quite a lot of rice, like most of people in Indonesia. Sometimes noodles. I think I have a medical condition where my insulin level quite high and somehow it’s working extra hard so I felt like my brain is running out of oxygen. Imagine I have to face this situation every end of lunch. I couldn’t even drive my own car. But after keto, I never have this kind of condition anymore. My brain is always alert, sharp and I almost don’t have any mood swing at all. My morning allergy is slowly gone. I can think clearly most of the time and even my endurance increase 60-70% I run 5km almost every day and I don’t feel any fatigues after nor tired. I still can work for another 12 -15 hours. But I know my limit.

As a bonus, which I would like to highlight it, I’ve lost 12 kg. I was 108 kg 4 months ago. But now I’m 96kg. My goal is to get rid my belly fat and reach to 90kg, probably 85 kg. But I would like to enjoy the whole process. Running every single day, not always think about food all the time, able to think sharp and focus and I feel like I look younger than before and less stress. If everyone who feel overweight and really want to get the best physical condition in his lifetime, this is the best way. Plus, I dig avocado so much and I could eat it every single day.

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