Daily Review: Tuesday 13th August 2019.

Starting from today, I’ll try to write down review about things that I do everyday. It could be food, places, venues, music, drink, movies etc.

1. Bake-a-Boo Mayo Risol

Bake-a-Boo located next to my apartment so it’s easy for me to stop by before go to work for a quick breakfast. This mayonese risoles is little bit expensive than other risoles, but, there bunch of abang gojek order the same thing, not just one but a box sometimes. Rp, 13,000 not that too expensive for the awesome taste like this risoles. Must try!

2. Ice Americano from Anomali.

Next to Bake-a-Boo, Anomali coffee is an icon for coffee lover. Although it’s only few meters from my apartment, very seldom for me to visit this place. So I bought the Ice Americano and it tastes very bold, sharp, no after taste nothing acidic or something. But the boldness is not really my thing. Will I come back to buy the same item in near future? Probably not.

3. Keripik Singkong Pak Manto

Hey! Senopati is not only about all those glitter and gold… and coffee. The hidden gem is actually located between Emilie and Flip Burger. Yes if you noticed there’s one warung keripik singkong Pak Manto. He (I asumme he’s Pak Manto) is selling two types of crackers, one is the salty one and the other one is little bit sweet, which I like. It’s freaking Rp.7,000!!! A good deal like this in Senopati is such a rare thing.

4. Baso Goreng MOR

Ever heard about MOR? Probably not. MOR is small convinient store in office building, which normally selling stuff like snacks, all those sinfull-yet-delicious-gorengan and sweet beverages in colourful packaging. But the highlight is Baso Goreng aka Fried Meatballs. The Baso made with 80% flour and probably 10% meat and 10% God-knows-what-ingredients mixed in a shape of fluffy ball. A must try for afternoon snack! Okay the price is Rp13,000 for 3 pieces. A friend said ‘let’s pray it’s not made by *** meats.

5. Kopi Susu at Kopitiam Go!

Located in my office building, Capital Place. The small restaurant (or counter?) is kind of ‘you have no choice but Fore or us’ scene, well, since this buidlig only have limited option at f&b public area. Thick! and even with less less sugar and less milk I can still taste the smooth sweetness blended perfectly lingering slowly on my toungue. Not bad for Rp20,000!

6. Bunch of pastries from @thesecretalley

Brought by my agency to our office, this one box that anyone can’t be missed. Although it’s too sweet for me, I shared it to all the marketing team members. The banana pastry was that good tho’… If you are on diet, stay away from it.

7. Bold Bulgogi from Salad Stop

This is probably my fav among all signature salads from Salad Stop. Not just because of bulgogi beef blend perfectly with the dressing, but the sweet corn part add unique flavour in it. Ingredients; romaine, warm beef bulgogi, cherry tomatoes, daikon, potatoes, sweet corn, alfalfa sprouts, bulgogi aioli.

They usually add tempeh as bonus topping. Perfect for dinner. I think the salad served with bigger portion than the wrap. However, it’s quite pricey for weekdays dinner. Around Rp95,000.

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