Daily Review: Wed, 14th of August 2019

I start my Wednesday with 3km treadmill and swimming.

1. Indoor Swimming Pool District 8

The best time to use the facility is early in the morning. Normally the pool is heated to 30°C, realxing your muscle tho.

2. Four Seasons Coffee Stall

Quality. The coffee in here is probably the most proper coffee among all coffee stalls in Capital Place Building. The price is quite similiar with Starbucks. The Rp30,000 quiche is tastefully delicious. The cappucinno is the ultimate choice when you tired of cheap coffees from Kenangan and Kopi Tiam.

3. Hamburg from Motomo

Had lunch in Pacific Place Mall 4th floor. It tastes good and if you have Zomato Gold, this is the right spot to have lunch or dinner. My fav part is the onsen egg. With zomato gold you can pay 1 for 2. Not bad right?!

4. Kopi Tarik QQ Kopi Tiam

Asked for less sugar and less milk. It tastes like Kopi Tiam at Capital Place. But this Kopi Tarik has a thick coffee blend flavour in it.

5. Pad Thai at Pison Cafe

Yeah, so sad Pison in Senopati doesn’t serve any Pork. But, the Pad Thai is not bad at all. This is my 2nd time order this menu in Pison. Rp75,000ish is bit too pricey. Will they have live music soon like the one in Bali? I’m not sure, the space is too small.

6. The Great Hack in Netflix

This semi documentary 2 hours movie is the real scary reality about how data can influence (manipulate) people in large scale; nationwide scale. I haven’t finished the whole movie but the first 30 minutes is quite intense as a wake up call. Data is gold.

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