Daily Review: Thu, 15th of August 2017

I started my day quite early than any other normal days. I had an hour talkshow at 8am in Brava FM talk about digital bank and investment. So I arrived Sarinah Thamrin at 6.45 am. Breakfast with Mc Muffin obviously is the right choice. I will not shre my review about McMuffin, well it’s McD what do you expect.

1. Kopi Gula Aren, Kopi Bawah Tangga. Sarinah.

They open quite early. I was there at 7 am and their interior is quite inviting. The taste, hmm thick and sweet. Not too sweet but since I gave up any sweet beverages this coffee is little bit too much for me. I didn’t buy it, the sales manager at Brava Radio bought for me.

2. Mandala Restaurant.

I really don’t understand about the hype of this restaurant, it’s been always famous among older generation and their Fuyung Hai, but for me it’s not that bad and it’s not like super awesome good. Plus the chicken is very ‘boney’, however, I quite like their pangsit. Better than GM.


3. Kue Mangkok Gula Aren from Swalayan Santa next to Mandala Restaurant

Ivan, my colleague, bought this kue Mangkok as his snacking time. Tried it in small portion. It’s actually good. The price is Rp22,000 for two pieces. Okay lah not too pricey.

4. Ice Americano + Liquid Cream from Starbucks.

Life is about caffeine and meeting the deadlines. Except the last one is not always true, because the deadline is ever changing and dyanmic, it’s not certain. Anyway, the only coffee place who provide liquid cream is Starbucks so yeah, if you want to reduce the bitterness of life, I mean americano, the additional liquid cream could balance little bit.

5. Xin Fu Tang

My sister called me, she’s was in Kemang Village and asked me if I want this most happening bubble tea in Jakarta or not. I mean OF COURSE! But, I actually just want to taste it not drink the whole drink. it’s good but it’s toooooo sweeeettt maaaaan I feel like I can’t drink any sugar or anything sweet in the next one or two weeks yikes.

6. Kimukatsu Pacific Place

Tried before in Grand Indonesia and tried again two hours ago. It was delicious! The curry blend perfectly with the beef and chicken. Choose original beef if any of you have a chance to visit this place. The highlight was Rp9,000 chicken skin. Small portion but it was super good.

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