Weekend Review: Sat and Sun 17th and 18th of April

My weekend was superb. The cheeky nephew stayed at my apartment for a night and he’s so excited about the whole Saturday, so he woke up early at 6.30am.

So our first stop was;

1. Cork & Screw Senayan.

A peacful morning at the lawn. It was quiet when I arrived at 9ish. We took the seats in front of the pool so my nephew could just play around with the pool water. The food was good, not too overpriced and the portion was generous. By the time when we left the place around 10.30ish people came around and some sitting area started to packed with a brunch enthusiasts. I have to say, it’s great place nice ambient and friendly staff.

2. Cabe Ijo Mahakam

We went to seafood restaurant to met my mom at Mahakam area. She’s a big fan of chilli crab in this place. I recommend this place if you are very into seafood with chinese cooking style, this is the right place to go. The chillo crab for 8-9ons cost around Rp290,000.

3. First Crack Coffee, Jl. Bumi

Spent my Sat night with some friends in this place. Huge space, quite new but the food was so so. I probably won’t come again to this place, nothing special.

Sunday, 18th.

1. Bakmi Aloi at Grogol.

Damn Son. This place is legend. The portion is just so right, spicy yet tasteful and the complete package of bakmi is the right choice to get all meats in one bite. The baso goreng is not bad either. The price is just okay, ot that cheap yet not too expensive for noodle too.

I don’t come here often because it’s far. When I was studying in Trisakti Univ Grogol I didn’t explore that much of the campus neighbourhood. It’s Grogol best kept secret I guess.

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